Breaking Ground, The Story Of The London Irish Women's Centre


Breaking Ground tells the story of the London Irish Women's Centre, a radical organisation founded to support generations of Irish women in London. The film does more than just recount the story of the Centre from its origins in the 1980s to its closure in 2012. It is a creative fusion of montage, archive and oral history that greatly contributes to our understanding of radical feminism, national identity and sexual politics during this period. Made by an all women crew, the film combines captivating and candid archive footage filmed in London over 30 years, with thoughtful and provocative accounts from some of the amazing women who were part of the women's movement in the city during that time.

Breaking Ground was directed by artist and filmmaker Michelle Deignan and produced by Toy Factory Films. The film was co-funded by Mind Yourself and the UK's Big Lottery Fund.


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St John Theatre and Arts Centre, Listowel, Co Kerry, October 2015
Still We Work, Cleere's Theatre, Kilkenny, June 2015
Rio Cinema, London, February 2014
Chicago Irish Film Festival, February/March 2014
Belfast Film Festival, March/April 2014
Cork International Film Festival November 2013
Irish Film Festival, London November 2013
The Irish Film Institute, Dublin November 2013
Marxism Festival, Dublin, November 2013
Irish Cultural Centre, London, June 2013
The Sugar Club, Dublin presented by the Irish Feminist Network October 2013
Sinn Fein Peace Conference, History of Irish Women Event, London, October 2013
Dublin Lockout Centenary Conference, London, October 2013.
The Model, Sligo October 2013
New York Irish Centre July 2013
The Tricycle, London March 2013

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